Beret — The Stylish Accessory in this Season

Hat is big news at the moment, anyone who braves a hat projects an air of confidence. They enhance – or at the very least change an outfit. But what makes the beret so relevant now? Despite its military roots, the has long been associated with creatives and hipsters all the time–they were worn by beatniks, painters, directors and poets, such as Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich, John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Brigitte Bardot. It was the hat favored by intellectual free-thinkers.

As above mentioned, the beret got political. Che Guevara used it in the 60 s as a symbol of revolution, wearing it as he rallied for supporters to rise against the Batista government in Cuba. After he died in 1967, it was a look adopted by other similar activists, most notably by nationalist and socialist party Black Panther Society around the world.

With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that this formerly cheesy French favorite is back. The beret is woke. As we all know that it is fashionable now to be socially conscious, to campaign, to be outspoken and to be politically engaged. The woke generation are informed, questioning and passionate about change. The beret’s history renders it the ultimate symbol of wokeness; of the current popular stream of thought.

The fashion industry, at its best, has always reflected the times we live in, which is perhaps why we’ve seen such a rise in politically-charged fashion. Look at Vetements’ EU hoodie, Dior’s cult feminist T-shirts or the number of celebrities who have used their red carpet choices to make a stand, from Ruth Negga to Karlie Kloss. Then there’s the now ubiquitous Corbyn T-shirts, which use Nike’s famed font and logo tick. That’s not to say that Karl Lagerfeld is using the beret in the same way Che Guevara did, but its roots do have political symbolism.

Many of us always argued that the industry is cashing in on social and political causes, and that influencers attempt to be ‘woke’ in order to achieve a level of depth, but there’s nothing new in designers or the public trying to make a stand through clothes. Beret – whether felt, fluffy or leather – has always been the hat worn by those wanting to make a stand.

So how do you wear it now in all its wokeness?

Avoid anything overly jaunty so as to steer clear of Parisian parody. This season’s beret should be pulled fully over the head, covering half of your ears. It won’t be easy to lead the resistance if you’re worrying your hat might fall off. If you really can’t bear to be parted with the beanie, then pull the beret over the back of your head as you normally would and hope you don’t lose it in a gust of wind.

If you want to look woke this season, start at the top – choose the beret.

Beret “Overshadow” Your Elegant Charming

Berets have become essential items for many women. At this year’s four Spring and Summer Fashion weeks, berets have been matched by supermodels with a variety of fashion brands. Push the elegant hat step into the fashion trend, berets may be some difficult to match, what kind of matching can make sure you have a good look? Next , we can give you some tips.

Woolen berets, with a white shirt and a self-fitting sweater, brimming with youth and vitality, sweet and clever, showing the flavor of the Academy of Arts. Red can also sets off woman’s rosy and light skin. This cap, with simple style and strong third dimension, increases a sense of aesthetic and suits for a variety of heads, increase aesthetic sense.

Fashion, muticolor can be chosen, you can enjoy the beauty you want to match, let you interpret the different fashion at every moments.This cap, with a solid color, looks cute and is suitable for spring, autumn or winter.100% wool ensures the hat is skin-friendly and comfortable to wear. With it, cold is no longer around you this winter, to wear your favorite hat and hold hands of your loved ones and families to go home and back to the warm harbor.

Comfort and leisure, the cap possesses strong warmth and flexible matching against different scenes,moods and weathers. you can choose in line with your own style. With the simple color, you can  enjoys unique happy and returns to the peace and nature in your  heart.

With the exquisite modeling and flexible matching, so you just need it to make you out among individuals without concerning your age or face size. As a women, you should love yourselves more and company with simpleness and freedom. May be a free travel suits for you.

Do not need think too much,  you just match your dress based on your tastes. Do not have to follow the pace of the public, build their own personality. There are many wonderful things around the world, but only a small accounts belong to yourself. Give yourself a cap to look for the most wonderful scenes in your life.

Combined classic retro style with the modern factors, breathing the breathes of autumn and winter, filling with happiness, you meet your lover at a right time and place.

Just now, it is the high time to dress yourself for you great time. A little beret only, in which hides the haunting years and the willfulness.

Your Beret Style!

A beret is a popular cold weather accessory that not only keep your head warm, but also looks charming too, you  can style your beret a number of ways or stick to a classic look with a  Beret Hatwhen choosing the color of your beret, you can match your coat or your hair. You can also pick a bright color to add interests to your outfit, pair your berets with clothing to create a pull-together look.

Tuck the brim under the beret. Every beret has a brim that fits snug on your head and holds the beret in place. Tuck the brim up and under the excess fabric of the beret. Then puff out the fabric of the beret so it hides the edge of the beret. Tilt the beret to 1 side, with the front of the beret pulled down to your eyebrow.

Create volume with your beret. Keep the brim tight against your head, and tilt the beret slightly to one side. Then pull gently on the top of the beret so the fabric pulls away from your head. This should create space between the top of your head and the top of your beret, rather than it sitting flat against your head.

You can also smooth down the part of the beret that sits over your ear for a variation of this look.

Pin the beret to the back of your head. Place the beret at the crown of your head and secure it with bobby pins around the brim. How many bobby pins you need will depend on how thick your hair is, but placing 1 every 1 in (2.5 cm) is a good place to start. Pull the fabric at the front of the beret very gently so that the beret shows just above the top of your hair.

Create more height in your beret by rolling up a silk scarf and stuffing it in the front of the beret. Then pin the beret on.

Tilt the beret to one side. The trim of the beret should make about a 45-degree angle across your forehead. If you part your hair on the side of your head, tilt your beret in the opposite direction for contrast.

Straighten your hair if it will show under your beret. The classic beret look calls for straight hair hanging under your beret. It doesn’t matter what length your hair is, as long as at least part of it peeks out from under the beret. Straighten your hair and then brush it out.   

Use your curls to balance your beret. Having curly hair doesn’t mean you can’t wear a beret. Simply use your fingers to fluff out the curls on the side of your head opposite to the beret’s tilt.

Avoid high hairstyles. High ponytails, buns, or braids can warp the shape of your beret. If you’re planning on wearing one, avoid those hairstyles. Instead, opt for low ponytails and braids, or just wear your hair loose!